Gaba英会話復習: Level5_20 Review



  • At first, bow and give them your card. [action]
    You should use both hands. [advice - option]
    Ref) At first -> Then -> Next -> After that -> Finally
  • show you to the door(ドアまで案内する / 導く)
    => -lead- your client to the door.
    => show your client to the door.


  • I'd like to order some office suplies.
  • We'd like to order …
  • We want to order two of them.
    => I'll take two of them.
  • Do you have -another- one?
    => Do you have a similar one?
  • When will the other 5 boxes be in stock?
  • to order : I'd like to order …(...を注文する)
  • to make a decision : I'll take …(…にする)
    Ref) I'll take it.(これにします)
  • I'd like to charge that to the company account.(会社の口座(アカウント)で支払います)


  • Would it be possible to hire new staff?(新しいスタッフを雇用することは可能でしょうか?)
  • OK, alternatively, what about lowering workload?(了解です。代わりに、仕事量を減らすのはどうですか?)
  • From my experience …(私の経験から…)
    ≒ From what I can gather / see, you should …
  • I was wondering if we could meet to discuss my salary.(私の給与に関して話せればと思います)


  • When is your free time?
    => When are you free / available?
  • How about …?
    => Is … okey?
  • Does … work for you?
  • How does … sound?
  • Would you be available?


  • Is it true that …?
  • Isn't it true that ...?
  • Didn't I read that …? [document]
  • If I remembered correctly ...?
  • Would you mind …ing?
  • Would it be possible to …?
  • I was wondering if we could …?
  • Could you get / have the windows fixed?(窓を修理してもらえますか?)【修理する人を呼ぶなど】
    • Ref)Could you fix the window?(窓を修理できますか?)【その人自身が修理する】


  • You shouldn't stick your chopsticks in your rice / bowl(ご飯やお椀に箸を突き立ててはいけない!)
  • dos and don'ts(すること/しないこと)
  • What should I wear?(何を着るべきですか?)
    = How should I dress?
  • Is there any etiquette I should be aware of during a business dinner?(ビジネスディナーの際に気をつけなければならないエチケットはありますか?)
  • The other passengers would get upset.(他の乗客は動揺するだろう)
  • quit smoking(喫煙をやめる)


  • How many days should I work in a week?
  • Can I take any day off?
  • Can I choose where I work?


  • It comes with a 6 month guarantee.(6ヶ月の保証が付いている)
  • I suggest …
  • If I were you, I would go for / choose …
    = If I were in your shoes, I would …



  • What?


  • Sorry?
  • What was it?
  • I didn't catch that.


  • sedentary(座っている、座りがちの、座ってする、座業の、移動しない、定着している、固着性の)
    Ex) System engineer is a sedentary job.
  • various(さまざまな、いろいろな、個々別々の、いくつかの、種々さまざまの、多数の、多方面の、多角的な、多才な)
  • variable(変わりやすい、変化しやすい、移り気な、変えられる、変動できる、可変的な、変数の、不定の、変異する)
  • on a single charge(一度の充電で)
    Ex) The battery can last for one day on a single charge.
  • incredibly(信じられないほど、非常に、信じられないことだが)
  • stealth(こっそりすること、忍び)
    Ex) I was being stealth. [invisible](私は忍びだった)
  • alternatively(二者択一的に、代わりに、あるいは)
  • canned tuna(ツナ缶)
  • informed question = you know the answers already.(既に答えを知っている質問)
  • organize(組織する、編成する、計画する)
  • affordable(入手可能な)
  • stick(突き刺す)
  • flip((指先などで)(…を)はじく、 ぽんと打つ)
  • sightseeing spots(名所旧跡)
  • To run for the train(電車へ走る(駆け込み乗車))
    Ex)It's dangerous to run for the train.
  • jet lag(時差ボケ)
  • commute by train(電車通勤)
  • over-generalize(あまりに一般的な結論に達する)
    = put everyone in the same box.
  • on weekdays(平日に)
  • get a pay rise(昇給する)
  • frown on someone(誰かに眉をひそめる)
    = look down on someone

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • job description = job task
    => In recent years my job description has changed.
  • take a day off
    => I take -holiday- on the 29th.
    => I take a day off on the 29th.
  • I was surprised that credit card were most convenient but customer service was worse.
  • Flipped between channels.(チャンネルを変えていく(廻す))
  • Sometimes, I bite more than one can chew.
    = take too much work
  • I wish I could fly.(飛べたらいいな(飛べない))
  • I hope I can go Italy.(イタリアに行けたらいいな(行ける))