Gaba英会話復習: Level4_12 A new marketing strategy - "Describing"



What percentage of employees work in the Northern sector?(東北では従業員の何%が働いてるの?)

  • Thirty percent of our employees work in the Northern sector.(30%は東北だよ)

How many people do we have in the Osaka sector?(大阪にはどれくらいの人がいるの?)

  • Twenty percent of our employees work in the Osaka sector.(20%だよ)

How about(/How many) in the Kanto sector?(関東はどう?)

  • Thirty-three percent of …(33%だよ)


  • 50% - one half(1/2)
  • 33% - one third(1/3)
  • 25% - one quarter(1/4)
  • 20% - one fifth(1/5)
  • 10% - one tenth(1/10)
  • 6% - three fiftieths(3/50)
    ex) One third of our employees are located in the Kanto region.


How did Diet Soda do this year?(今年のダイエットソーダはどうだった?)

  • Sales of Diet Soda have tripled.(ダイエットソーダの売上は3倍でした)
    • 2倍 - double - doubled
    • 3倍 - triple - tripled
    • 4倍 - quadruple - quadrupled(ex) We quadrupled our sales.)
    • 1/2倍 - half - halved


  • How did Milk Tea and Green Tea sell this year?
  • How were sales of Diet Soda and Melon Soda this year?



  • That’s a small / big improvement.
  • This looks promising.


  • Unfortunately…
  • This looks bad.
    ex) Advertising costs increased 11% but our sales have quadrupled. This is a big improvement.


  • I’m sorry, I don’t have those numbers with me right now. (Let me get back to you.)


  • fiscal year(会計年度)- JPN is from April 1st to March 31st.
  • pitch((…に)投げる、ほうる)- He’s pitching an idea to his boss.
  • hesitant(ちゅうちょした、ためらいがちな) - His boss looks hesitant.
  • halve((…を) 2 等分する、山分けする)
  • triple(3重の、3 部分から成る、3 倍の)
  • quadruple(4重の、4 倍の、4 部分から成る)
  • injury(傷害、危害)
  • defect(欠点、欠陥、弱点)
  • defective product(欠陥品)