Gaba英会話復習: Level4_16 She just left - "Using Phones"



May I please speak to Mr.Kato?(加藤さんいらっしゃいますか?)

  • I’m sorry, he’s on the other line.(すみません、彼は電話中です。)
  • Mr.Kato is at lunch right now.(加藤さんは今ランチへ行っています。)
  • Sorry, he’s out of the office right now.(すみません、彼は今社内におりません。)


Can you ask him to call me back?(彼に折り返し電話をもらえるようお願いできますか?)

Can you tell him I’ll call back later?(彼に後ほど電話すると伝えてもらえますか?)


Could you tell her that …?(彼女に…と伝えてもらえますか?)

Would you let him know that …?(彼に…と知らせてもらえますか?)

  • Monday's meeting time has been changed to 3:30 (from 2:30)
  • Monday's meeting is now at 3:30.
  • Monday's meeting will be at 3:30.
    • 開始時間の前は[at / from]
  • The company picnic is on Sunday the 13th.
  • The picnic will be held on Saturday.
    • 開催曜日の前は[on]
    • will be held = will take place = isと置き換え可能
    • 全部入り: On Thursday from/at 10 o'clock


Could / Would you please …?(…していただけますか?)

I just wanted to let you know that …(...をあなたに知らせたいです。)

  • Could you please meet me in the conference room at 3pm?(午後3時に会議室でいいですか?)

Is it alright if …?(…しても大丈夫ですか?)

  • Is it alright if we reschedule our drinks next Saturday?(来週土曜に飲み会リスケしていい?)


  1. [greet the person who I’m calling] - Good afternoon. May I please speak to Mr.Suzuki?
  2. [state my name] - This is Takahashi from ABC company.
  3. [leave the message]
  4. [if needed, leave a phone/email] - My phone number is 090-xxxx-xxxx
  5. [say thank you] - Thank you.


  • nap(昼寝)- short sleep
    ex) I’m taking a nap.(昼寝してる)
  • coffeeholic / shoppaholic - who likes something very much
  • talk on the phone about something