Gaba英会話復習: Level4_6 That works for me - "Scheduling"



  • Friday is good for me.
  • I’m free on Thursday afternoon.
  • Tomorrow works for me.


  • I can’t make it on Saturday.
  • I’m tied up on Friday afternoon.
  • Wednesday isn’t good for me.


  • Do you have / make time on Friday?
  • How does Monday at 4:30 sound?
  • How about Tuesday?
  • Are you free Wednesday morning around ten?
  • Are you free on / at …?
  • Does … work for you?
  • Is it possible for you come to our office?
  • Is Monday afternoon good for you?
  • Can you come to my office at 3pm?
  • Would it be possible to come to my office at 3 pm?
  • What if we do next Friday?(次の金曜日はいかがですか…?)【婉曲的な表現】
  • Would Thursday afternoon be convenient for you?【more polite】
  • Could you please come to my office at 3pm? 【for juniors】


  • Sorry, I have another appointment.
  • Maybe, I'm in a meeting until 11am, so I might be a little late.
  • How about Thursday instead?(代わりに木曜日はどう?)
  • Monday morning works better for me.
  • Monday morning would be better for me.
  • Monday morning is more convenient for me.


  • sound(...に見える、…のように思われる)= seem
  • What if = How about

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • I went to the wedding. (結婚式に参列した。)
  • region specific(領域特異的な、地域限定的な)
  • I'd like to schedule a presentation.(プレゼンを予定したいです。)
  • Is my office a convenient location for you?(弊社にてでよろしいでしょうか?)