Gaba英会話復習: Level4_20 Review



  • What are you planning do this weekend?
  • What are you going to do this weekend?
  • What are you up to this weekend?


  • I'd like to draw your attention to this sales graph,
  • As you can see …
  • They(= sales) decreased …
  • We started this year with a 20million profit(sales).
  • Sales of trading cards have decreased thirty percent.
  • Our sales decreased by 200 million.(売上は200万下がった)
  • 200 -> 300
    • Sales went up by 100.
    • Sales went up to 300.


  • 3 years later = 3 years after that
  • We announced ing (× to )
  • In March of 1976 = In March 1976


  • eat at the desk
  • Do I have to reserve the meeting room in advance?(beforehand? / ahead of time?)
  • He is smacking his lips.
    (smacking means ‘make sound when eating'.)
  • take a break / take a one hour break(lunch).(休憩をとる)
  • recycle trash / garbage
  • You should clock in / out( (タイムレコーダーで)出勤時を記録する、出勤する)
  • go by the book(慣例に従う) = follow the rules
    stretch the rules(規則を拡大解釈する?的な)
    break the rules(規則を破る)
  • for private calls.(私用の電話)
  • We don't allow smoking in the building.
    We allow smoking in this building.
  • You are allowed to smoke in the building
  • on your desk / on my desk


  • The photos are overlapping.(重ねる)
  • It's called …(...と呼ばれている)
  • What colors does it come in?
    It comes in brown and red. (= It has …)
    It comes with .
  • It's not only affordable but also stylish.(安いだけでなくスタイリッシュである)
    It's cheap.
    It's reasonable / affordable / inexpensive.


  • Could you let her know that …
    • Could you let him know that he is supposed to …
    • Could you tell him that he is going to … / scheduled to …
  • Could you ask him to …
  • Could you ask her if she can make it on Wednesday afternoon?
  • Something urgent come up so I don't have a choice but to cancel our meeting.


  • How often do you go there?(どのくらいそこに行くの?)
  • Who are you going with?(誰とそこに行くの?)
  • Are you going with anybody?(誰かとそこに行くの?)
  • It's difficult to explain out.(説明するのが難しい)
  • It's grilled chicken pieces on a skewer / stick.
  • We usually dip it in soy sauce.(よく醤油に漬けて食べる)


  • Put the paper on the copier.
  • You should … / You need to …
  • Choose the number of copies you want to make.(コピーしたい枚数を選ぶ)
  • First, (まず、) ≠ At first = At the beginning(最初は)
    ex) At first, I didn't like Tokyo but now I love it.
  • dial the fax number
  • Push / Press the button
  • enter the password / PIN(Personal Identification Number)


  • Right now we we're at …(いま、私たちは…にいます)
  • go through (vs) go past(通り抜ける vs 横を通る)
  • The second room on the right is …(右にある二番目の部屋は…です)
  • On the other side (of the hallway), you can see …(反対側に、…が見えます)


  • spatula(へら)
    ex) We use a spatula to eat monjayaki.
  • cod roe(明太子)
  • roe(魚卵)
  • trash bin(ごみ箱)
  • key card(鍵カード、キーカード)
  • skewer(くし、焼串)
  • criticism(批判、非難)
  • fair evaluation(正当な評価)
  • stroller(ぶらぶら歩く人、散歩する人)
  • humid(湿気のある、湿潤な) = moist(湿った、湿っぽい)
  • dried plum(梅)
  • put the plum in the bin.
  • warning - a sign or a note not to do something
  • unleaded(無鉛の)
  • diesel(ディーゼルエンジン)
  • fuel efficient - less fuel but runs long
  • eco-friendly - good for the environment
  • outdated(旧式の、時代遅れの)
  • The content is outdated.
  • The technology is progressing rapidly.
  • brew coffee(コーヒー[茶]を淹れる)
  • The coffee wakes me up. / keeps me awake.

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • I wouldn't get this ticket, if I weren't the fan club member.
  • I went drinking. = I had a drink.
  • I had my glasses repaired because I stepped on them.
  • I want to get promoted.(昇進したい) = I want a promotion.
  • I don't have enough decision power.(十分な決定力がない)
  • I'll go for a drink with my girlfriend. => I go out with my girlfriend.
  • in the afternoon / in the daytime
  • I did my laundry(洗濯をした)
  • I haven't decided yet.(まだ決めてない)
  • give a presentation(プレゼンをする)
  • raw fish pieces on a block of rive with vinegar(=寿司)
  • Japanese rise wine(日本酒、正宗、ポン酒)
  • fried dumplings filled with cabbage, meat and leek(=餃子)
  • leek(ニラネギ)