Gaba英会話復習: Level5_2 You want me to be a gofer? - “Asking and Answering”




  • What will I be doing?
  • What will I be responsible for?
  • What kind of things will I have to do?


  • Will I be expected to …?
  • Am I going to have to …?
  • Will I be required to …?


  • So you’re saying …?
  • I see. So does that mean …?


  • What should I do?(私は何をすべきですか?)【How should I do?とは言わない】
  • How will you evaluate my performance?(どうやって評価しますか?)
  • How many days off can I take?(何日休みをとれますか?)
  • What's the compensation(= salary)?(報酬はどのくらい(何)ですか?)


What will I be doing?
Well, you’ll be expected to record patients’ symptoms on a regular basis.
So you’re saying I’ll have to update their charts?
Yes, that’s right.

What kind of things will I have to do?
One thing you’ll be doing is making travel arrangements for me.
Does that mean I’ll have to make travel plan?
Of course.


  • update charts
  • make English phone calls
  • prepare meals
  • book flights
  • proofread documents
  • conduct meetings with clients
  • work late


  • wrinkles(しわ、小じわ)
    ex) elderly people get wrinkles.
  • optimistic(楽天主義の、楽観的な)
  • pessimistic(悲観的な)
  • welder(溶接工、溶接機)
    ex) A welder works at a construction site.
  • fix / repair(固定する、動かないようにする / 修繕する、修理する)
  • run errands(使い走りする、走り使いをする)
    ex) I can’t meet you because I have to run some errands.(ちょっと野暮用があるので会えない)
  • make / take a phone call(電話をかける / 電話をとる)
  • stay on schedule(スケジュール通りに)

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • She is in her [early / mid / late] 40’s.(彼女は40代だ)
  • I'm supposed to work from 9 to 5 but I usually leave the office at 8.