Gaba英会話復習: Level5_8 Choosing a celebrity sponsor - “Expressing”



  • Don't you agree?
  • You'd like … wouldn't you?
  • You'd want to … right?


I think we should hire another assistant. You'd like more help with the paperwork, right?
Yeah, that's true.

折衷・妥協(a compromise / to comprimise)

  • How about a compromise?(妥協案(折衷案)はいかがですか?)
  • We could compromise.(妥協しましょう)


Why don't we get the RGF-1000?
Well, how about compromise? What do you think of the RGF-3000?
OK, sounds like a plan.


We had to compromise on the location of the apartment.(アパートの場所を妥協しなければならなかった)


  • to get in touch with …(…と連絡を取る)
    ex) I want to get in touch with her.(彼女と連絡を取りたい)
  • rude(不作法な、失礼な、無.礼な、不作法で、失礼で、無礼で、未加工の、生(なま)の、未完成の、粗製の)
  • represent(代表する、代理する、(…を)表わす、示す、象徴する、意味する)
  • trade show(展示会)
  • passion((異性に対する)情欲、色情、恋情、熱情、情熱、激情)
  • funeral(葬式、葬儀、告別式)
  • great grandmother(曾祖母)
  • light spectrum(発光スペクトル)
  • color temperature(色温度)
  • compromise(妥協、和解、歩み寄り、折衷(せつちゆう)案、折衷物)

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • My fiance's parents were very friendly and welcoming.(私の婚約者の両親はとても友好的で親切でした)
  • We're thinking about getting married this autumn.(私たちは今秋に結婚することを考えています)
  • When did you get engaged?(いつ婚約しましたか?)
  • How long have you been with your fiance? - About 8 years.(婚約者と(出会って)どれくらい? - 8年です)
  • How long has she been your fiance? - About 2 months.(彼女が婚約者になってどれくらい? - 2か月です)
  • She choked while eating her dinner.(夕食を食べている時、窒息した(喉を詰まらせた))
  • There are two train lines at my station.(最寄り駅には二路線走っている)