Gaba英会話復習: Level5_12 Any publicity is good publicity - “Asking and Answering”



  • What is the best way to reach college students?
    -> Magazine ads and TV commercials.
    -> What kings of magazines do you recommend?
  • Which type of advertising is most useful for retired people?
  • Do you think … is / are good for reaching …?


  • We're using TV commercials.
  • The train ads don't work as well as I expected.(電車広告は私が期待したほど効果がない)
  • People leave positive reviews.(人々は肯定的な評価(レビュー)を残す)



  • What is your product?
    -> Our product is called Harsh Mints.
    -> What is your biggest market?
    -> Our target market is 30- to 40-year-old employed males and university students.
    -> And how do you advertise?
    -> We use mostly train ads and some magazine advertisements as well.


  • print ad(印刷広告)
    Ex) magazine, news paper
  • banner ad(バナー広告)
    Ex) web advertisement
  • billboard((通例屋外の大きな)広告板) = huge poster
  • train ad(電車内広告)
  • direct mail / leaflet(ちらし広告) / brochure(パンフレット)
  • product placement (映画やドラマの小道具としての商品広告)
    = ads in a movie


  • maiden name(旧姓の)
    = last name before getting married
  • troublesome(やっかいな、めんどうな、わずらわしい)
    Ex) It's troublesome.
  • mutual friend(共通の友人)
    Ex) We have mutual friends.
  • cousin(いとこ、親類)
  • publicity(宣伝、広告、公表)
    Ex) We don't pay for publicity.(宣伝費を支払っていません)
    Ref) word-of-mouth ad(口コミ広告)
  • simultaneously(同時に、(…と)同時に)【さいむるてにゅすりー】
    = at the same time
  • addictive(常習癖がつきやすい、習慣性の、夢中にさせる、病みつきになる)
    Ex) Smoking is addictive.(喫煙は習慣性がある)
    Ref) I'm addicted to video games. = I can't stop video games.
  • till = until / when(…まで、…になるまで)
  • real estate agency(不動産代理店)
    = place to rent or buy a house
  • calligraphy(能書、能筆、書道、書法)
  • kanji radical(漢字の偏・旁)
  • context-sensitive(文脈に敏感)
  • trip (and fall)(つまずき(そして落ちる))
  • narrow down((…に)狭める、絞る)
  • city office(市庁、町役場、市役所)
  • bureaucracy(官僚制、官僚政治)
  • thunder((ゴロゴロ鳴る)雷、雷鳴)
  • lightning(稲光、電光、稲妻)

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • Everything feels the same.(すべてが同じように感じる)
  • It's just random words put together.(一緒に置かれたランダムな言葉です)
  • I took a holiday. [long time] / I took a day off. [short time]
  • It depends on the generation.(世代によって異なる)
  • It's written in English.(英語で書かれている)