Gaba英会話復習: Level5_13 You use a local distributor, right? - “Asking and Answering”



  • …, right?
    ex) That's the new 45 nanometer process, right?
  • Didn't I read …?
  • I heard … Is that true?
    ex) I heard you don't own any warehouses. Is that correct / true?
  • Isn't that …?
  • Someone was telling me … Is that correct?


  • That's true. Are you familiar with …?
  • That's right. I didn't know you knew so much about …
  • Right. Not many people know that.



  • Where do you manufacture your products?
  • Where do you grow your potatoes?


  • Who do you sell your product to?
  • Who buys your products?
    Ref) WHOSE
  • Whose pen is this?(これは誰のペン?)


  • When do you deliver?


  • What do you use to produce your coffee?
  • What kind of coffee beans do you use?
  • What percentage of your coffee is made from coffee plant?


  • How much of your coffee is made from Brazil?
  • How many years did it take to build?
  • How long did it take?


  • fleet(艦隊、(商船・漁船などの)船隊、船団)
    = a group of ships / trucks
  • semiconductor(半導体)
  • gourmet(食通、美食家、グルメ)
  • bag [v](...を袋に入れる、…をふくらませる)
  • outsource(外国の会社から(…を)買う、海外(部品)調達する)
    = use another company
  • a lot cheaper(より安い)
  • worth it(それだけの価値がある)
  • local distributor(補助幹線道路、地方流通業者)
    = same country / domestic
  • the basics(一通り)
    = simple / first step / basic knowledge

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • I'd be happy to …(喜んで…します)
    ex) I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.(あなたの質問に喜んでお答えします)
  • about our position in the market(市場での我々のポジション(順位)について)