Gaba英会話復習: Level5_17 Let me check my schedule - “Scheduling”



  • How about …?
    Ex) How about meeting at 3pm? / How about we meet at 3pm?
  • Is … okay / convenient for you?
  • Are you free / available …?
  • How does … sound?
  • Does … work for you?
  • Can you make it …?


  • Are you free …?
    Ex) Are you free for coffee?(コーヒー飲み行かない?)
    Are you free for tennis next Saturday?
    Are you free for tennis on the 17th?
    Are you free for tennis at 7pm?[today]
  • Do you have time …?
    Ref) Do you have a minute?[-minutes-]
  • Let's …
  • Would you like to …?
    Ex) Would you like to go there?(そこに行かれますか?)
  • Would you be available …?
    Ex) Would you be available to give a speech next Monday?(来週の月曜日にスピーチできますか?)



  • That sounds great!
  • OK, where should we meet?
  • Sure.


  • I'm afraid I'm busy. I'll be …
    Ex) I'm afraid I'm busy. …(忙しいです。…)
    -> I'll be meeting with Mrs Harris.(ハリス氏との会議があります)
    -> I'll be having lunch with Mrs Harris.(ハリス氏との食事があります)[polite]
    -> I'll have lunch with Mrs Harris.
  • Unfortunately, I have to …
    Ref) Unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm busy.
  • I'm afraid not. (そうではないと思います)[polite]
  • I'm afraid we don't have time. [polite]


  • I'm probably free, but …
    Ex) I'm probably free but, …(たぶんフリーだけど、…)
    -> I might be late.(...、遅れるかも)
    -> I might have to go to another meeting..(…、別の会議に行かなければならないかも)
  • I think I'm free.
  • I might be able to …


  • Would you rather meet at my or your office?
  • Do you prefer (to meet) / meeting at my or your office?


  • pile up( (…を)積み重ねる、蓄積する、ためる)
    ex) The paperwork is piling up.(書類(仕事)が積み重なっています)
    Ref) I have heavy workload.(重い仕事(量)があります)
    Ref) I have a lot on my plate.(多く(の仕事)があります)
    = I'm very busy.
  • pretty much(だいたい、ほとんど)
    ex) It's pretty much my only free slot.(それは唯一の空き時間(フリースロット)です)
  • put someone through(誰かを通す)
    ex) I'll put you through.(あなたを通します)
    = I'll connect you (on the phone)
  • affordable(入手可能な、手頃な)
  • uncertainty(不確実、確信のなさ、半信半疑、不安定、不確定)
  • nerve wracking(神経に障る、神経衰弱)

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • schedule a meeting(会議を設定する)
    = arrange a meeting(会議を手配する)
  • Let's work it out.(それを解決しよう)
    Ref) We can work something out. = find a solution
  • What's the occasion?(どんな機会(イベント)ですか?)
    -> We're having a meeting. / We're going to have a meeting.
    -> -We have-
  • make a presentation(プレゼンを作る(準備する))
    give a presentation(プレゼンをする)
  • have a stage fright(舞台恐怖症がある)
    = being afraid of performing / speaking in front of people
  • I'm nervous.(緊張しています)
    -> It's nervous.
    -> It's stressful.(それはストレスです)
    -> It's nerve wracking.(神経が壊れている) = very stressful
  • Just bring yourself
    ex) Should I bring anything?(何か持っていくべき?)
    -> Just bring yourself.(手ぶらでいいよ) = nothing