Gaba英会話復習: Level5_18 Outfitting an office - “Ordering” & “Using Phones”



A: Hello, Office Galaxy, how may(/can) I help you?
B: Hello, my name is John from ABC company. I'd like to(/need to) order some stationery.

個数 / 商品指定で注文

  • We need … of the …
  • We'd like … of the …
  • We also need …
  • Could we also get …?

A: We need 10 of the XX-100 staplers, please.(XX-100ステープラを10個お願いします)
B: Certainly, anything else?(承知しました。他はいかがですか?)
A: Could we also get 2 paperweights, product number YY-200?(製品番号YY-200の文鎮2つありますか?)

A: We'd like 3 of the ZZ-300 pencils, please.
B: Unfortunately, it's sold out now.(残念ながら、いま売り切れ中です)
A: When will it be available again?(次はいつ入手できますか?)
= (A: When will it be back-in-stock?)
-> (A: Do you have a similar item?)(類似品はありますか?)

  • We need 10 paperweights, 5 of the XXX-100, 8 of the ZZZ-300 and finally, 10 of the ...

期日 / 配送先指定で注文

  • I'd like (it/them) by …
  • We need (it/them) by …
    Ex) I'd like wall clock by Monday.(月曜日までに壁掛け時計がほしい)
    Ref) Please deliver it to the 14th floor for the Sales department.(14Fの営業部門に届けてください)


  • (a piece of) furniture(家具一点)
    Ex) I bought two pieces of furniture.(私は二点の家具を購入した)
    Ref) -furnitures-
  • fountain(噴水、噴水池)
  • 10 of the A4 paper(A4用紙を10枚)

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • 12 am = midnight
  • early bird(早起きの人)
  • late owl(フクロウ(=遅く寝る))