Gaba英会話復習: Level5-24 What’s the difference? - “Comparing”



  • The main difference is the …
    Ex)The main difference is the price. The ABC is cheaper than the DEF.
  • Well basically…(基本的には…)
  • Let me just check on that.(確認させてください)
  • There is no difference in …(…には違いがありません)


  • The ABC is newer and a lot faster.(ABCは新しくてとても速いです)
  • The DRF is a little lighter(DEFは少し軽いです)
  • It's less / more efficient.(あまり効率的でない / より効率的である)
  • The ABC last longer than the DEF.(ABCはDEFより長持ちする)
    Ref)The battery last long.(バッテリーは長持ちする)
    Ref)The ABC last much longer than the DEF.
  • The DEF is much faster than GHI.
  • The speed is comparable to others on the market.(速度は他の製品に匹敵します)
  • Due to the high speed, of course the battery can drain quicker than others.(速度が早いため、もちろんバッテリーは他の製品よりも早く消費します)
  • It's our most energy-efficient model, so of course the price is on the higher-end.(それは最もエネルギー効率の良いモデルなので、もちろん価格もハイエンド(最高仕様)です)


  • I recommend the ABC.(ABCをおすすめします)
  • The DEF is probably the best for you.(DEFはおそらくあなたにとって最良です)
  • I think GHI would be a good choice.(GHIは良い選択だと思います)
  • I really like the JKL.
  • ABC is most likely the best fit for your needs / requirements.(ABCはあなたの要望に最もフィットします)


  • look into(…をのぞき込む、…を調べる、研究する)
    Ex)I'll look into it and get back to you soon.(それを調べて、すぐ戻ります)
  • spacious(広々とした、雄大な)
    Ex)It's spacious. = has lot of space
  • installed payments(分割払い)
  • kink(よれ、よじれ、こぶ)
  • iron(アイロンをかける)
    Ref)They've ironed out the kink.(彼らはもめ事を丸く収めた)
  • most likely(大概、きっと、十中八九)

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