Gaba英会話復習: Level5-28 What’s the plan? - “Asking and Answering”



  • We'd like to increase sales by 10% over the next two years.(2年で売上を10%増やす)
  • We plan to cut costs by 5% within six months.(6ヶ月以内にコストを5%カットする)
  • We're thinking of setting up two new stores by December.(12月までに新しい店舗を準備する)

Thinking of …ing vs Thinking about …ing

  • Thinking of reducing cost [number]
  • Thinking about … [concept / idea]


  • As long as sales remain steady, we'd like to open a new store.(販売が安定している限り、新しい店舗を開店したいと考えています)
    • as long as = …だけずっと、…さえすれば、…する限り
  • Provided that the economy improves, we plan to hire new staff.(経済が改善すれば、新しいスタッフを雇う予定です)
    • provided that … = …という条件で、もし…とすれば


  • We plan to reduce …
  • We'll probably reduce the R&D budget.(研究開発予算を削減します)


  • Unfortunately, we might need to cancel the campaign.


  • 目標5%、結果3%、差分2%
    • We couldn't reduce costs like we planned by 2%.(計画したようなコストを2%削減できませんでした)
    • We planned to reduce costs by 5%, but we were only able to reduce cost by 3%, missing by 2%.(コストを5%削減することを計画しましたが、3%削減できただけで、2%削減できませんでした)
    • We missed the target by 2%.(目標を2%逃した)


  • I'd lie to draw your attention to …
  • I'd like to focus on …
  • I'd like to discuss …


  • run (=do)
    • run a campaign
    • run a company
    • run an English course
  • occasion((特定の事が起こった)時、場合、折、特別の出来事、行事、祭典、儀式、機会、好機、きっかけ)
  • defect(欠点、欠陥、弱点)
    Ex)Our product had a defect.
  • speculate((確実な根拠なしに)(あれこれ)思索する、沈思する、推測をする、投機をする、思わくをやる)
  • suck((唇と舌を動かし、また管を使って)吸う、吸い込む、吸う、液体を吸う、液体を吸ってする、(口の中で)しゃぶる、なめる、吸い取る、巻き込む)
    Ex)That's sucks! = That's really bad.

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • It depends on how things go(物事がどう進むかによって決まる)
    = We can't be sure 100%.
  • They started to restrict overtime pay.(彼らは残業代の制限を始めた)
  • Their hands are tied.(私にはどうしようもない)