Gaba英会話復習: Level6-8 To sum up… - “Decision making”



  • We have three choices for the location: Tokyo, Hokkaido, or Osaka.
  • Basically, it comes down to Tokyo, Hokkaido, or Osaka.
  • The options are Tokyo, Hokkaido, or Osaka.

Pros and Consの説明


  • That would be nice because it’s cheep.
  • That would work well because it improves efficiency.


  • That probably wouldn’t work out so well because it’s very expensive.
  • That might cause problems because it reduces teamwork.

Pros and Cons

That would be nice because it would increase productivity, but it would be very expensive.
That probably wouldn’t work out so well because the noise would lower productivity and efficiency..
That won't work out too well because it reduces teamwork, but I suppose it's cheap.
I think it might be a little costly


  • To sum up …
  • it comes down to …
  • Our choices are …
    So, to sum up, we can manufacture car engines or helicopter engines - not both. Car engine sell in higher volume, but with less profit. Helicopter engines sell for a lot of money but they’re difficult to manufacture.
  • On the one hand … however, on the other hand …(一方は…、しかし他方で…)
  • To recap
  • To summarize


  • conventional(社会的慣習による、因習的な、型にはまった、紋切り型の、独創性を欠いた、陳腐な、(法定に対して)約定の、協定(上)の、核(兵器)を用いない、通常兵器の)
    = ordinar, boring
  • inefficient(無能な、役に立たない、能率の上がらない)
    = takes a lot for long time
  • facade( (建物の)正面、(しばしば実体よりりっぱな事物の)見かけ、外見)
    = outer appearance
  • stealthy(人目を盗む、人目をはばかる、ないしょの) = quietly
  • Pros and Cons(賛否両論)
  • unimaginative(想像力に欠ける、おもしろくない)
  • generous(気前のよい、惜しみなく物を与える、(…に)気前がよくて、物惜しみしないで、気前がよくて、寛大な、思いやりのある、(…に)寛大で、寛大で、思いやりがあって)
    = likes to share money
  • stingy(けちくさい、しみったれた、みみっちい、(…を)けちけちして、少ない、わずかな)
    【stin jee】
  • canteen((軍隊の) 酒保、(軍人の)娯楽所、クラブ、(バザーなどの)売店、(被災地などの)食料供給所、(会社・工場・学校などの)食堂、(軍人・ハイカー用の)水筒、ナイフ・フォーク・スプーンのセット)
    = school / company restaurant
  • cook(料理人、コック、板前、コックさん、クック 《1728‐79; 英国の航海家・探検家》)
  • beneficial(有益な、有利な、(…の)ためになって)
  • prefecture【/fe/】: プリフェクチャー
  • treat someone to ((人)に~をおごる[奮発する])
  • leaning toward(傾向、性癖、好み、偏愛)
    Ref)I'm leaning towards being against it.(どちらかといえば反対です)

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • close call(間一髪のところ、ヒヤリハット、危機一髪)
    Ex)I had a close call. = almost happened
  • it comes down to …(…に帰着する、結局…になる、落ちぶれて…(するよう)になる、…に伝来する、伝わる、…にまわってくる、…の責任になる)
    Ref)It narrows down to(…に狭める、絞る)
  • I'm craving for pizza.(ピザを欲しがっている)
    = I’m in the mood for pizza.(ピザの気分です)
  • I wouldn't have a choice but to do what my boss ask me to do.(私は上司が私に求めていることをする以外に選択肢がありません)