Gaba英会話復習: Level6-15 Here’s what we need to do … - “Presenting”



  1. We're facing a serious budget crisis.
  2. Out budget this term is smaller than we expected.
  3. It looks like we're a little short on funds.


  • For 5 whole minutes.(5分間も!)
  • Our project is way over budget.(プロジェクトは予算超過です)
  • As I'm sure you (all) know, …(あなたがすべてを知っていると思うので、…)


  1. We must … / We have to …
    Ex)We definitely have to cut the cost by 10%.(間違いなくコストを10%削減する必要があります)
    Ex)We definitely have to cut the cost no less than 10%.(私たちは間違いなく10%以上のコストを削減しなければなりません)
  2. We should probably … / I'd like to suggest …
  3. It might be a good idea to … / We may want to consider …
    Ex)It might be a good idea to relocate to a bigger place.
    Ex)We may want to consider cutting down on the office supplies expenses.


  • An audience member asks a technical question that you don't have an answer for.
    => I'm glad you asked that.
  • Someone asks you a question about something you plan to talk about later in your presentation.
    => That's a good point. I'll get to that in a moment.
  • Someone gives you an important piece of information that you didn't have.
    => I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for mentioning that.
  • Someone asks a difficult question to test your proposal.
    => Sorry, I don't have those figures with me at the moment.


  • confectionaries => confectionary(糖菓、砂糖菓子)
    = sweets
  • dispute((一時的に感情的になって)論争する、論じ合う)
    = disagreement
  • go over(…を渡る、越える、…を超過する、…をおおう(ことができる)、…に広まる、を下見する: を視察する、を入念に調べる、を(再)点検する、…を掃除する、を調べる)
    = check
  • bug-free(バグのない、デバッグ済みの)
  • envy(ねたみ、うらやみ、うらやましいもの、羨望(せんぼう)の的)
    = to want what someone else has
    Ex)I don't envy you.(私はあなたが羨ましくない)
  • brute force(暴力、腕力)
    Ex)to brute force (something) = to do something by trying many many times.
    Ex)A computer can brute force a password when a person doesn't have time.
  • to bring something up
    = to talk about new topic, to start taking about something
  • to bash your head against (a problem)
    = try to fix a difficult problem by repeatedly trying new solutions
  • to run (a company)
    = to lead, to be a leader, to organize, to manage
  • relocate(新しい場所に移す、移転させる)
  • redistribute((…を)再分配する、分配し直す)
  • piece of information(情報の一部、少しの情報)
  • broad audience (幅広い視聴者)

From free talk / Useful phrases

  • She was supposed to choose the dress by herself.
  • She tried on 5 dresses.
  • She should choose the one she really likes.
  • How do you think about that?(方法) vs What do you think about that?(意見)
  • I should take at least 2 lessons per week.
  • We use more office supplies than necessary / what we need.
  • To catch(find) someone stealing money.(誰かがお金を盗むのを見つける)